• Why Identity Isn’t a Twist

    by  • February 12, 2018 • 0 Comments

    I love good twist endings. You know, the ones that reveal a whole new layer to the story, that make you care about the characters even more and marvel at the solution to the puzzle you’ve been wrestling with all this while. Heck, I’ll even settle for bad twist endings, the kind where the...

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    What Naruto Taught Me About Writing and Failure

    by  • December 4, 2017 • 1 Comment

    For a lot of my life, I was fortunate enough to be one of those kids who got praised for ability. I sailed through academics from kindergarten to high school, and it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get into any university I applied to. Even through undergrad, I never struggled to maintain...

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    On the Fear of Running Out of Creativity

    by  • October 23, 2017 • 0 Comments

    Since I can remember, one of my favourite parts of going to bed is finally having time to daydream, without feeling obliged to turn my mind back toward work or school or social engagement. I’d imagine scenarios in which my favourite book and TV characters found themselves — or, as I got older, scenes...

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    Permission to Respond to Emails on Our Own Time

    by  • September 25, 2017 • 0 Comments

    Dear self, (and anyone else who needs it) Here it is. You were waiting for it (or at least, I was, for a long time), so please feel free to print out as many copies as you need: This certificate hereby entitles the bearer, ……………..…………… to delay responding to non-urgent emails, social...

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    Thoughts On Food and Cultural Appropriation

    by  • September 11, 2017 • 2 Comments

    So, here are two things about me that I’m struggling to reconcile: 1. I like to eat and cook lots of different types of food. 2. I am against cultural appropriation. Let me expand on the first. I love trying new foods and flavours, and, once I try something, I really want to learn...

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