• Books

    The Devil You Know

    urban fantasy
    STATUS: On submission
    Complete at: 77, 000 words

    Daniela Meyer never wanted to use daimons, let alone use them to take lives. But in her alternate Toronto, she has no choice. Daimons, gaseous creatures that can be inhaled or touched, instantly make beliefs come true for a short time—which means they can also bring fears to life. The federal government attempts to control the danger by criminalizing anyone who doesn’t believe in a benevolent God. And now, as the even more restrictive “Jesus Bill” heads to the House, Meyer works in secret to defend her right—and the nation’s right—to believe what they choose. As Lucifer, the leader of the Fallen, she uses daimons to kill in ways that leave the police baffled.

    Her only obstacle is genius Trinity Graves who, like Sherlock Holmes, solves these murders-by-daimon and will stop at nothing to hunt down Lucifer. Deep undercover, Meyer finds herself simultaneously Watson and Moriarty — both Graves’s closest companion and her deadliest enemy. As Graves races to prevent the Fallen’s endgame attack on the Houses of Parliament, Meyer pretends to help her while staying one step ahead. But in the end, Meyer must choose: spare the life of the nemesis she’s come to respect, or sacrifice her friend for the freedom of all Canadians?

    The Mentalist’s Sister: A Ghost Story

    MG fantasy/mystery
    STATUS: In progress
    Estimated length on completion: 35, 000 words

    The only thing the ten-year-old ghost knows for sure is that she’s dead. She can’t even remember her own name. Her memories are gone, and the only way to get them back is to fulfill her ghostly duty by helping the target of her haunting: Evandra Rake, a grouchy elderly woman who can move objects with her mind using the power of telekinesis.

    In her youth, Rake was known as the Mentalist, and she used her power to fight crime. But Rake’s sister, Valeria, used her own psychic gift of hypnotism to lead a life of theft and corruption. Before she died, Valeria stole and hid the ancient artifact that bestowed these supernatural powers on the two sisters. Together with Rake’s young grand-nephew Sy, the ghost must help Rake track down the artifact before Valeria’s old cronies get hold of it. But to do that, she’ll have to figure out who she is and why she’s been sent to Rake.


    YA science fiction
    In progress
    Estimated length on completion: 60, 000 words

    The year is 2314, the Terran Compromise has been at war with its interplanetary colonies for over a century, and sixteen-year-old cadet Lizzie Chu has a secret that could send her on the forty light-year journey to the front lines. Thanks to new technology that expands the abilities of young people’s brains, Lizzie can hear the thoughts others leave behind as they move through space. If Lizzie lets the officers of the Winsome Soo Star Academy training facility find out what a useful gift the psionic enhancement has given her, they’ll stick her on the next battle ship, and she won’t see home again until she’s ninety-six.

    But when Lizzie hears a man’s thoughts in the corridors of the all-female academy, her simple investigation into his identity leads her into a tangled web of conspiracies. Is there a Colonist traitor among the instructors? Why are the two biggest enemies in her year sneaking out of their dorms at night? And what is the top-secret military project that seems to frighten even the officers in charge? With the wellbeing of her friends, the other cadets, and maybe even the whole planet at stake, Lizzie must decide whether she has the courage to be a hero, even if it means giving up the chance to be herself.

    Fire Play

    YA fantasy/mystery
    STATUS: Shelved
    Complete at: 59, 000 words

    Fourteen-year-old Karen Crowley is horrified when she accidentally engulfs her best friend in flames in the middle of rehearsing The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Now Karen’s been yanked out of drama class and forced into special school where the government trains teenagers who can control one of the four elements – and where the Earth, Water, and Air departments blame “the Burnsies” for everything that goes wrong.

    Desperate for a way back to the stage, Karen strong-arms her Fire classmates into a production of Macbeth. But when a mystery arsonist sends students to the hospital, everyone suspects Karen’s cast. As the government prepares to relocate the Fire department to the Arctic for “safety reasons,” Karen must accept her dangerous gift and nail the real culprit… before her theatre dreams go up in smoke.

    Our Man Tom

    MG fantasy
    STATUS: Shelved
    Complete at: 34, 000 words

    Thirteen-year-old Tom Lincoln has the awesomest secret friends ever: the Hooks, two debonair ghosts who haunt his attic and teach him jiu-jitsu and fencing. At least, he thought the ghosts were awesome—until his best pal was kidnapped, he caught his school’s Audio-Visual crew building a missile launcher in the shop wing, and the Hooks tried to convince him to forget any of it ever happened.

    Tom discovers the Hooks were high-level spies. They died fighting Dr. Shade, a terrorist mastermind who once built his headquarters where Tom’s middle school now stands. Everyone thought Shade was killed along with the Hooks, but it looks like his murderous plans are very much alive… and it’s up to Tom to stop them for good.