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    Friends’ Sites

    My friend Steve’s blog, 1984 To Present, is where he talks about books, video games, TV, writing, and all sorts of generally fun stuff.

    Similarly, my friend YK has My Cardboard Dreams, a nifty and beautiful blog chronicling his thoughts, processes, and achievements as he builds a really cool robot.

    Another friend, Margaret, blogs on Time Well Spent, where she occasionally re-publishes articles she wrote for Your Second Fifty magazine.

    You should also check out another friend’s homepage and blog at http://nataliegirard.ca/ Natalie blogs about fun geeky stuff like science, games, and web development.

    It’s not a blog, but my friend, Dave, designs web sites. He designed the site for the treasure hunt business I ran for five years. Check out his portfolio at his site, here.

    Dave also designed the site for Socratic Theatre Collective, the Toronto company founded by artistic director Liz Bragg. I’ve been privileged to work with them as cast, crew, designer, and now playwright, and I look forward to many more exciting seasons. Visit the site to see what’s coming up next!