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    On a Common Criticism of Common Core, By Someone Who Knows Nothing About It

    by  • February 23, 2015 • Math, You are probably sorry you asked • 2 Comments

    Caveat: I am probably the last person who should think about math education. Not only do I have little experience teaching the subject — help-session-tutor TA-ships in algebra and calculus in undergrad — but through most of my own schooling, math came easily to me. There’s a real sense in which I can’t understand...

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    Another Average Post

    by  • March 28, 2010 • Math • 4 Comments

    MATH TIME!!!! (Originally, I put that as filler in the draft of this blog just so I’d remember what the title was supposed to refer to. But then I decided it was a much better first line than anything else I could come up with.) So I’m sure everyone has heard at some point ...

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    Eight Important Things I Learned From Math

    by  • June 12, 2009 • Math • 0 Comments

    Since I’m going to be out of the country and possibly without Internet for a couple weeks, I decided to post early. Here’s the follow-up to last week. I hope to get something posted next week sometime, but, if not, see you Sunday, June 28! For a lot of people, the question “what did...

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    Transfinite cardinals in da house!

    by  • February 10, 2008 • Math • 0 Comments

    Are you an earnest young actor? I ask only because so many of the actors my own age that I see onstage seem to be of the impression that eyes-wide, gulping-down-air, semi-innocence is the only way to go. I know Oscar Wilde was all about the importance of being earnest, but it’s okay to...

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